Salt Lake Hills

Why have I never been to Utah before? Lord only knows. But, the occasion of my daughter Melissa interviewing at the University of Utah School of Ballet creates an opportunity not only for a visit but also for a tough, up and down hillside 10 km walk.

Salt Lake Hills

Mountains abound around the Great Salt Lake. The lake itself is 1700 square miles, or gigantic by American standards. Of course this far west in the U.S. the history is colorful. Native Americans claimed, and perhaps owned, millions of acres of land around this fantastic lake. They had mined salt here for, well eons. The history to then was complicated but then along came Brigham Young and his Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints followers. Well sir the vicinity then changed, dramatically.

Today, almost within University boundaries, I start my plod up the steep arid, sand swept, hill. More than an hour elapses as I continue to climb. Why? Ah, just for the challenge. I reach the top, some 5 km up, survey the great valley and city below and head back down to University grounds. I pass a few other, perhaps out of shape, climbers struggling to make their way up the high steep hill. We smile and both head ever onward, once again.

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