AmboiseAfter an exciting late afternoon gathering in a hillside cafe replete with samples of every wine produced in the Lore Valley. Still savoring the taste to my favorite Sancere I again have the opportunity for on foot exploration, this time of Amboise city.

Now here is a wonderful place seemingly lost in history. Buildings, palaces, art work, parks and other historic imagery have been preserved. Pathways are clearly marked and accessible. The walking is easy, except for the uphill above historic ramparts. Even me, the intrepid walker, stops from time to time to observe the many remnants of
Centuries long past.”This is the Chateau Royal d’ Amboise”, my French colleague who is also a good walker announces pointing to the building high above a fortress wall. “That’s where they executed the Hugonots”, he continues. “They threw them over the side”. I continue walking in awe.

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