The American Revolution Lives On

In the morning darkness two of the runners, including Gary, are startled to see me at the start. I have been heading u a steep mountain road. They pass me. Yet, know I will see them again resting at the top of this steep climb. When I reach them again both of my competitors are reverently reading a historical marker along the rorad. No, this is not a Civil War commemorative. It tells the story of brave Tennesseans who fought against the British and their Native American allies on this very spot. I learn much!

It is a strange wiggling line that resembles water being sprayed from a hose. The strange line in the asphalt helps me keep my bearings on the road as I wobble through rural farm land and wood, pleasingly, totally alone. I ask the runners about the strange line when I again catch up to them. They tell me this is their pee which they spray while running forward so that passing cars will not see them. I decide this is a good trick.I have a little food in my hip pack but am not in need of life saving water. I drove the entire 205 mile route before the race hiding water bottles [donated by a pharmaceutical company] every three miles.

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