The Canary Islands

Canary IslandsLas Canaries they are called. A group of seven main islands and a handful of smaller islets. I have thought about visiting these far off volcanic atoll for a long time. The CanariesTheir mysterious location in the Atlantic Ocean distant from the coast of Africa draws me to their adventure. It is not clear how these remote islands got their name. Perhaps it was from early inhabitants, Barbers from Morocco, members of the Canary Tribe. Tired from my flight from Madrid I find a small, not too good, hotel in Santa Cruz De Tenerife on the main island, and the capital, Isla De Tenerife.

My walking experience starts in the afternoon and extends in to the evening. I am not impressed. Tenerife is a European tourist haven. The sidewalks are clogged with sightseers. I try to keep a good pace but am slowed by traffic and crowded corner crossings. Vendors hawk local junk but too, I do not take the time to visit the elegant shops nor historic sights. So perhaps I have not given Tenerife a fair shot.

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