The Pantheon Guides Me

It was the Emperor Hadrian in about 120 AD who commissioned the construction f the mighty Pantheon. It is my favorite ancient Italian building. Sure the Coliseum is colossal and Saint Peters Basicilica is passionately beautiful but to me it is the symbol of strength, fortitude and endurance. In the shadow of this great feat of architecture I weave my way through narrow streets, and between hundreds of tiny typically small European cars patiently awaiting their well groomed Italian owner s to wake up, down their steaming lattes and rush off to work.

In the heat traffic intensifies. I decide Rime at mid day is a noisy, congested, and confusing place to begin a long walk. I push on fortunate that I have a guide in a private automobile waiting a few miles ahead ready t serve me water and bananas on call. The guide will assist me all the way to Florence.

Beginning a Great Adventure

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