Tyrol Stroll

It is a week-end. I am now walking the orderly city center. The snow capped Tyrol mountains looming above in all directions beg me to approach. Officially these guardians of the Innsbruck valley are called the Karwendel Alps.Residential roads wind up the steep ski slope crests. I plod forward.

Chateau style homes, two story an many decorated with family crests, accompany me on my journey. What a glory to be able to live on a mountain side like this! I keep climbing. Innsbruck TramI know the Hungerburgbahn funicular, the near vertical tram, leads straight to wonderful panoramic views. I follow an adjacent but windy narrow road. Then there is a trail through the forest, a wooded paradise. The sun is up and warming. The air is fresh with a breeze and pleasant. Finally below is Innsbruck. I head back now enjoying just as much my down hill workout.

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