Up a Mountain

Palma di MajorcaIn the morning I explore the islands capital, Palma, on foot walking fast and thirsting for water which I have trouble finding. As the day wears on I decide to head up Serra De Tramontana. I tire easily and after a while, anxious to see the sights, rent a small car and drive up to a peak with many views. There I meet a tourist acquaintance who is staying at a swank mountain top resort. After a dip in the pool. I explore the resort and adjoining roads, again on foot. I have now walked another 10 kilometers and head back driving to Palma.

Majorca Mountain

Whops, the car fails have way down the mountain. Frustrated, and with no help in sight, I abandon the car, leave a note for the rental agency and fortunately am able to find my way back to the hotel. As the sun sets I am on a plane again. Next stop Madrid.

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