It came to end too quickly. There was no road marker, no band, and no welcoming committee. Only the hum of fast rolling busses and fumes from diesel powered trucks made me aware that I had crossed into the great city of San Francisco. I stopped, looked around, congratulated myself and then quickly got on a bus so I could rest my now swollen feet.
Tonight I met my daughter Melissa. I know she was impressed that I had walked 600 miles to see her. She also knew that her Dad was an adventurer who had to experience the world one step at a time

And finally an ode of thanks to the great little hotels where I restfully slept along my route:

May 3        Oceanside Inn
May 4        Sanathra Inc, Sunset Beach
May 5        Dana Point Inn
May 6        Rivera Motel, Malibu
May 7        Sea View Inn, Manhattan Beach
May 8        Best Western, Carpenteria
May 10       Pepper Tree Inn, Santa Barbara
May 11       Villa Motel, Santa Maria
May 12       Shell Beach Motel , Pismo Beach
May 13       Dolphin Inn, Cayucos
May 14       Courtesy Inn, San Simeon
May 15       Gorda Cabins, Gorda Springs
May 16       Lucia Lodge
May 17       Big Sur River Inn
May 18       Old Marina Inn, Marina
May 19       Best Western Motel, Watsonville
May 20       Econo Lodge, Ben Lomond
May 21       Saratoga Oak Lodge, Saratoga
May 22       Howard Johnsons, San Mateo
May 23       Adante Hotel, San Francisco

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