Vieques a fascinating little island is only 8 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico and it’s land mass is only 4 miles wide. It is 21 miles long – a good walk, it were possible. Under normal circumstances the waters around Vieques are emerald green or turquoise. But, alas Vieques is not your normal place. I have come here for a few days race walking vacation. Hotel on the beach, hopefully good wine at dinner, and walking as far as I can in between. I have an ulterior motive, to search out possible beach front property to purchase.

The fresh salty wind splashes cool water on my face as the launch speeds from Fajardo to the dock in Vieques. I arrive unharmed of course, stow my suitcase and head out walking. The port area is not attractive. There are many signs of new development. Further up the port road things get shabby. Maybe time will lead to even more development. But this will likely put a dent in Vieques tranquility. No win!

Vieques Navy

Half of Vieques for decades was a U.S. Navy bombing range. The nearby beaches according to Navy lore were pristine but sadly too dangerous to use. After a long debate the Navy was asked to leave Vieques and later also left their large base at Roosevelt Roads Puerto Rico. And so now half of Vieques may someday be available for development. Even now there are too many American expatriate for my personal liking, even though they all are very much like me. Oh well!

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