Walk to the Beach

My tiny hotel is near the harbor, not a great place to swim. The hotel owner, a female some what older than me, and a native of France recommends beaches on the far side of the Island. She also relates how one day she awoke to find her million dollar sailboat had been taken. A year later it was recovered in Venezuela. “Be careful”, she reminds me. For me, next is a perfect long walk.



Colombier beach is only accessible by a sandy trail. I walk and walk, thankful this time that I am able to carry sufficient extra water. The beach is clean, the sun high, and the water almost warm. Afterwards, I leave the beach just in time to encounter a surfing contest along the wavy Caribbean coast. I enjoy the sight, the excitement and the free spirit of so many foreign visitors. One cold beer later I take the long race walk back to the hotel.

And so goes my walk and swim vacation for two more glorious days!

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