Walking Phu Xuan

Walking in Phu Xuan village isn’t exactly as confining as walking around a quarter mile track. It is similar and potentially a lot more hazardous. My workout, in combat boots and lugging a loaded M16 automatic weapon, is a half mile loop around the tiny village. It is not all for pleasure. I am planning and evaluating how to clean up the market place. The local leaders asked me and my US Army Engineer Platoon to assist.


Most days before dusk and after a full days work, I make my rounds studying and evaluating our progress. The exercise relieves some of the intense anxiety that only war can duplicate. After dark there is only one, sometimes, safe place to walk. When the long truck convoys are asleep I go up and down the main highway being careful to never stray out of the village limits where certain violence would always greet me. Is it fun? NO!

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