Walking With A Sphinx, Almost

Ancient Cairo, in Egypt of course. What adventuresome young woman or man hasn’t had many dreams of traveling by camel along the Nile, reclining on a one hundred soft pillow beds in the Pharaohs grandiose residence, and holding hands with Queen Cleopatra or General Mark Anthony. Well, I dreamt of Cairo hundreds of times. When I was just ten years old I wrote to the Egyptian Embassy and even received an Egyptian pen pal.

Nile River Cairo

So here I am walking the banks of the mighty Nile River. It is already dusk but the bright lights of the Cairo Sheraton give me confidence that I can navigate, alone, this the largest river on the African continent. As soon as I cross the narrow Nile bridge the surroundings seem to change. The Western hotel district fades. The folks are poorer. Although, close to the door of the hotel and along the river shore squatters occupied meager rat challenged huts and tents. I push on a bit and then my dream of walking along the Nile fulfilled I head back to the grandeur, and in some ways security, of the grand hotel.Then in the company of Egyptian business colleagues, I embark on a Nile River cruise complete with belly dancers, fine cuisine and great Egyptian hosts. But, tomorrow I am determined to encounter a Sphinx.

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