Waterloo, A Soldiers Dream

You ask “Why would anyone go race walking in Waterloo Belgium?”. Well friend, that is easy. The history of the Western world may have changed if it had mot been for Waterloo. Now I do not want to go overboard. I have only been walking here two times, and I admit that I have spent more time observing history than walking in my typical fast paced trot. But, walkers you must come here! There is good traffic free walking space, wonderful people and a peaceful small European town environment. Walk the main and side streets, observe the historical markers, then of course wipe off the walking sweat and enjoy suburb French wine.


Now what about this Battle of Waterloo? Again readers, I have friends who have been exceptionally effective senior military leaders, as well as military historians, so I will not attempt to get into the details, although I have had a few war time battle decisions to make myself. Alas, and gratefully, I am no Napoleon.
Napoleon, in my view the Hitler type of the 1800’s, was out to conquer Europe and perhaps the Western world. The Brits under Wellington, supported by the Prussian, through skillful tactics and the luck of war, beat the French and “general” Napoleon chasing his butt back To Paris, where thankfully this little odd “General” was dethroned and exiled. Waterloo’s Lion’s Mound symbolizes all of this. And it is walkable.

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